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My voice learnt to speak seven new languages overnight

April 30, 2023With the release of ElevenLabs’ new multi-lingual speech model, the existing clone I had made of my own voice, can now speak seven new languages.

Being a little bit silly with GPT-4 and ElevenLabs

March 20, 2023Hold on, are you telling me a shrimp fried this rice? God’s own abominable sea creature, with those beady little eyes, and that preposterous curved back like some sort of underwater hunchback. Who would have thought that the lowly shrimp could create such culinary delight, elevating the simple grain to new heights of deliciousness? Have […]

Using GPT-4 to write better articles

February 13, 2023I’ve always wanted to write articles that would engage and inform people. However, there’s just one problem – I’m not a very good writer. Because of this, it has always been a challenge to put my thoughts into words and create content that anyone would enjoy reading. That feeling only worsens when I read articles […]