Being a little bit silly with GPT-4 and ElevenLabs

Hold on, are you telling me a shrimp fried this rice? God’s own abominable sea creature, with those beady little eyes, and that preposterous curved back like some sort of underwater hunchback. Who would have thought that the lowly shrimp could create such culinary delight, elevating the simple grain to new heights of deliciousness? Have you seen that before?

A shrimp fried this rice?


The continuation of the story in the first paragraph.

What if the Moon was made of cheese?


I asked GPT-4 explore the philosophy of the Moon hypothecially being made of cheese.

Memes in 2067


Wood fired pizza?


This time I asked GPT-4 to write a story as if “wood-fired pizza” meant “wood fired pizza from his job”. Pretty funny right?

You telling me a ginger bred this man?


For this I asked GPT-4 to use lots of wordplay. I think it may have gone too far.

So that’s a little collection of some stories and other writings I’ve been creating to entertain myself. I’ve also floated the idea of automating this whole thing. The problem is that while I think ElevenLabs (the voice) is fairly priced, I’m quickly running out of tokens for the month. I will have to listen to these on repeat.