I am going to list and answer all the questions I had before moving in to a Northfield flat in September 2019. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions you may have.

Can I receive mail?
Yes. Every flat shares a mailbox in the reception area which you can open with your key. Anything too big to go in the mailbox, will be available to pick up from reception. There's also an Amazon Locker that you can order to.

How many flatmates will I have?
Five. There's a total of six people per flat.

How big is the kitchen?
It's quite large. You will typically have one or two cabinets to yourself, as well as one shelf in the freeze and the fridge. Once you get to know your flatmates, it's not uncommon to share your things.

If everyone else is cooking, will I be able to cook?
It depends on who you live with, but you'll quickly find that you probably rarely eat at the same time. Sometimes you eat out. Other times you eat a ready meal. There's plenty of time to cook a meal for yourself.

How big is the room?
Not that big, but also not that small.

Is the internet fast?
Yes. When you live on-campus you'll be connected to the university network which is very fast. The usual speed I get on my desktop is 100/100, with a low ping of around 5ms. WiFi is also quite fast, but can be unreliable.

Is there a phone in the room?
Yes, and you get your own extension.

Can I bring my bike?
Yes, there's a couple of spaces to park and lock your bike outside.

Is there a grocery store on campus?
Yes, but it's very small and quite expensive. A lot of students receive home deliveries from supermarket chains, which can be a good way to save money.

Is noise a problem?
No. Of course it depends on who you live with and near, but generally it's not a problem.

Can I do laundry?
Yes, there's launderette for the exclusive use of Northfield residents. It's located in the Northfield reception.

Can I print at Northfield?
Yes. The University of Sussex has a LARGE printing network, and there is a printer in the Northfield reception.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach me at [email protected]